TransformerCase T16C Pro – USB-A / USB-C

1,342.67 IVA Incluido

– para até 16 equipamentos –

  • Adequado para 16 equipamentos, até no máximo 11″ incluindo capa protetora
  • Status de carregamento do LED por porta USB (verde->carregado/vermelho->carregando)

  • Máx. dimensões por comprimido incl. tampa ou tampa do teclado

    -> Altura 270 x Largura 200 x Profundidade 24mm

  • Hub de carregamento USB-C ou USB-A com autom. desligar

  • Sistema de ventilação integrado para ajuste perfeito da temperatura

  • Sistema de trolley com alça extensível + 2 alças laterais

  • 2 rodas (embutidas) para mobilidade fácil e segura


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Product description

The Formcase TransformerCase tablet case series holds up to 24 devices, depending on the case model, through precisely customizable premium foam. Through free customization, Formcase customizes the foams to the millimeter according to the customer’s specifications. In general, Formcase distinguishes between iPad charging cases with USB technology, as well as laptop charging cases with high quality Schuko socket strips for the use of the original power supplies. All charging cases from Formcase have an on/off switch, as well as an integrated active ventilation system for optimal cooling in the storage cases. Due to the intelligent charging technology, a timer is no longer necessary, as the transport cases from Formcase automatically control the charging cycle. iPad cases and laptop cases from Formcase are made exclusively from the highest quality materials and ensure consistent weight optimization due to optimal material composition. All case solutions from Formcase have optimally protected smooth-running wheels, as well as an extendable trolley handle for easy transport, even over steps. The cases can be locked by means of a device for padlocks, thus ensuring optimum theft protection. All in all, the perfect solution for your digital classroom.

Product Details

  • Integrated LED charging status display for each USB port

  • Intelligent USB charging electronics with automatic charging switch-off

  • Charge Only! for 16 tablets simultaneously (even when closed)

  • trolley system; extendable and replaceable handle with built-in safety device

  • Two side carrying handles and one handle integrated in the lid

  • All handles are recessed and thus protected from damage

  • Two castors (built in) with underbody slide system

  • Active ventilation system (max. noise level 31dBA, air flow: 39m³ / h)

  • Labeling option for individual labeling of the case

  • Foam completely customizable and replaceable at any time


  • Charging via USB-A or USB-C

  • Safe storage

  • Easy to transport

Informação adicional

Peso 13.9 kg
Dimensões (C x L x A) 690 × 380 × 358 cm

12 Meses


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